Fees 2017

Fees 2017


In 2017 the Undergraduate fees are $23,826 for a maximum 38 weeks in College (this period includes the mid-year break).  Thus the weekly fee is $627.  This includes all meals except over the Easter weekend.  In addition, students new to the College will incur additional one-off charges -  Surety [refundable bond] ($300), Enrolment ($180); Orientation Week ($540); Students’ Club Orientation ($65).  Additional annual charges - Foundation Fee ($490), Students' Club fee ($240) and IT Fee ($160pa).


In 2017 the Graduate fees are $23,826, however, all Graduate students who are invited to join the College automatically receive a minimum scholarship of $3,000.  Therefore, the maximum fees for a Graduate student in 2017 are $20,826 for the full calendar year.  Thus the weekly fee is $401.    Additional annual charges - Foundation Fee ($490) and SCR Fee ($140). For Graduate students new to the College, additional one-off charges - Surety [refundable bond] ($300), Advanced IT credit ($160pa) and enrolment ($180)

Fees are not expected to increase in 2018 by more than 4%.