Graduate and Post Graduate Applications

The College has around eighty students who are in residence who are engaged in graduate or post-graduate studies. Some of these students are involved in providing tutorials in the College's tutorial programme - about 95 tutorials each week.

All graduate and post graduate students are members of the Senior Common Room in the College. Members of the SCR may be eligible for bursary assistance and all receive Scholarships (Rector's Exhibitions).

For those interested in joining the College as a graduate or post graduate student, they should:

1. Download the document entitled “Senior Common Room Handbook”;

2. Complete the Inter-Collegiate Graduate Application Form (link below) and submit with the application fee of A$75, a CV and references. An academic transcript should be attached. These should be directed to the College (Email:

3. An interview will be arranged following receipt of the application. For those who are interstate or overseas, the interview may be conducted by telephone.

For further information contact the Admissions Officer:

Phone: (+613) 9342 1602
Fax: (+613) 9349 2592

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