Choir of Newman College Concert Series




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The Choir’s Concert Series comprises three concerts per year held in the magnificent acoustics of the Chapel of the Holy Spirit and the College Dining Hall.  Highlights of past concert series have included Christmas at Versailles, a dinner-concert in collaboration with Maggie Beer, a reconstruction of J.S. Bach’s lost St Mark Passion, three productions of Medieval plays, a performance of Tallis’s forty-voice Spem in alium, and a number of projects in combination with exponents of Early Music and World Music.

Concert No. 1
THE GREAT WAR IN SONG, Sunday, May 17, 3.00pm in the Chapel of the Holy Spirit, Newman College
In the centenary year of the battle of Gallipoli, the Great War in Song is a tribute to all those embroiled in the First World War, whether as soldiers or at home. The concert covers the gamut of compositions written in the first twenty years of the 20th century, from the broadside ballad to anthems of state by Elgar and Parry. It concludes with Mass for the Fallen, a 2015 work written to remember those who died in the Great War by the Australian composer, Christopher Wilcock.

Concert No. 2
THE VOICE OF DAVID, Sunday, August 30, 3.00pm in the Chapel of the Holy Spirit, Newman College
David - king, poet and harpist - is the heroic figure around which this concert is based. The program gives voice to the Psalm writer and the events of his life, including his encounter with Goliath, the love-hate relationship with his son, Absalom, his adultery and his kingship. The Voice of David includes choral music from across the ages, from the earliest chant to American spirituals and from English motets to contemporary choral music.

Concert No. 3
HOMAGE TO RAMEAU, Sunday, November 29, 3.00pm in the Chapel of the Holy Spirit, Newman College
Renowned for his brilliant orchestration and colourful writing, Jean-Philippe Rameau was the master of French style in the mid-eighteenth century. In honour of Rameau, we present a Concert Spirituel as it may have occurred in the splendour of Paris's Tuileries Palace in 1750. The Choir of Newman College is joined in the Newman Baroque Orchestra, a period orchestra assembled for this series from Australia's finest original instrument performers.

Tickets:   Concerts 1 & 2:  $35, $25 (conc.), $20 (students);  Concert 3: $40, $30 (conc.), $20 (students)  
Phone:  (03) 9347 5577