Graduate and Post Graduate Applications

The College has around eighty five students who are in residence who are engaged in graduate or post-graduate studies. Some of these students are involved in providing tutorials in the College's tutorial programme - about 80 tutorials each week.

All graduate and post graduate students are members of the Senior Common Room in the College. All graduates receive a minimum $3,000 scholarship.  Alll graduates may remain in residence for the full calendar year at no additional expense.

For those interested in joining the College as a graduate or post graduate student, they should:

1. Download the document entitled “Senior Common Room Handbook”;

2. Complete the Inter-Collegiate Graduate Application Form (link below) and submit with the application fee of A$75, a CV and references. An academic transcript should be attached. These should be directed to the College (Email:

3. An interview will be arranged following receipt of the application. For those who are interstate or overseas, the interview may be conducted by telephone.

For further information contact the Admissions Co-ordinator:

Phone: (+613) 9342 1602
Fax: (+613) 9349 2592

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