Helder Camara

Dom Helder Camara

"God permit that the symbol of my life be a candle,
that spends itself, that consumes itself while there is still wax to burn;
when nothing more remains to be consumed,
that my flame, yet an instant,
dare to remain alive and afoot, to rumble after,
happy in the conviction that one day the force of Right
will conquer the pretended right of force."


The August 2017 Embracing the Darkness meditations have been cancelled due to lack of registrations, however, a new Pope Francis Seminar event will soon be advertised for October 2017 at Newman College.

Details are to follow.

For more information on the work of the Pope Francis Fellow, including the Helder Camara lectures please visit http://www.newman.unimelb.edu.au/calendar-events-and-alumni/helder-camara


Br Mark O’Connor FMS
Pope Francis Fellow
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