Newman College Magazine

Newman College Annual Magazine

There has been a long history of student publications at Newman College, which continues to this day with annuals such as Vestra and Tracts.

One notable student publication, Newman: the annual magazine of the Newman College Students' Club was published in the period 1919-1992. The early issues (1919-1967) can be found on this website. The magazine sought to record the thoughts, words and actions of students during the academic year. It featured reports on student achievements in academic studies, sports, debating, drama, etc. It included lists and photos of students and articles on valetants, and provided a snapshot of the religious life of the College. Contributions included articles on literary people, university life and topical issues, plus profiles of graduates and past students of the College. Most editions presented here contain information about St Mary’s Hall with photos and lists of students and articles of interest.

The annuals from 1919-1967 therefore represent almost the first half century in the life of both Newman and St Mary’s Colleges, and they provide a unique perspective on life at the University of Melbourne in this period.