Newman College

  1. The College is made up of 280 students in residence and 22 non-residents.  Of the 280 residents, 79 are graduate or post-graduate students.  The remainder are undergraduates.  The ratio of women to men in the College is about equal.  About 60% of the College is drawn from country Australia (mostly Victoria and NSW), 10% from metropolitan Melbourne, 20% from overseas and 10% from metropolitan interstate.
  2. It is administered by the Society of Jesus – the Jesuits.  There are three Jesuit priests, including the Rector, in residence.
  3. Every week we deliver an extensive academic programme of over 80 tutorials.
  4. Over 190 students in the College receive some sort of bursary or scholarship support.  This support, along with our fees (some of the less expensive), allow us to provide access to many students from financially disadvantaged circumstances.
  5. Students may, at no extra cost, remain in College during the mid-year vacation.


“The purpose of the College is to foster the intellectual, ethical and spiritual life of its members so that they can become effective leaders, mature in faith and committed to justice.”