The College

Newman College is a Roman Catholic co-educational residential College affiliated with the University of Melbourne. The Society of Jesus is responsible for the administration of the College.

Its Values

The College's fundamental purpose is to foster the intellectual, ethical and spiritual life of its members, to enable them to become effective leaders in the community, mature in faith and committed to justice. The College seeks to assist its members in achieving the highest standards in their personal lives, in their studies and in the professions they will enter, standards based on Christian values and showing a genuine compassion and respect for others.

Its Environment

At a time when universities, with society and its values, are subject to rapid change and new challenges (particularly the increasing emphasis within the University on graduate and post-graduate studies, internationalisation and the utilisation of information technology), the College seeks to engage fully with these developments, both within the University and within the wider community. The Jesuit spirit of a bold but critical engagement in the world, an exploring of new ideologies, technologies and aspirations, always within the tradition of Christian values, seeks to strengthen the ability of College members, in the words of St. Ignatius, "to find God in all things".

Its Standards

As Newman College espouses the humane, religious and cultural values of the Roman Catholic Church, it seeks a commitment from its members to these values both during their time in College and University and in later life. The College expects its members to aim for the highest standards in scholarship and excellence in their endeavours, to enable them to occupy in later life a position in the professions, business, public life and research, in keeping with their God-given competencies. The College will assist its members to achieve this through the quality of its academic support and tutorials, pastoral guidance, and the encouragement of its members to community service to assist those in need.

Newman College Council April 2016