Student accomodation at Newman College

Student rooms at Newman vary in size and in location. All rooms (except two - which are double) are single rooms.  Students are accommodated in rooms around the Quadrangle, in the Kenny Wing (adjacent to St Mary's College) and in various residences adjacent to the College in Swanston Street. 

The College has, over the past two decades, purchased six residences across the road in Swanston Street, accommodating about fifty students, both in the Senior and Junior Common Rooms. 

The rooms in the main College buildings are arranged into 'flats', which typically consist of eight single rooms. The flats have a mixture of students from different year-levels and faculties and provide one of the greatest and most accessible opportunities for interaction. Many flats organise events and there are also inter-flat activities during the year, including a trivia night and inter-flat debating.

Most rooms have built-in furniture, and all rooms are equipped with basic furnishings:

  • A large desk and desk chair;
  • Wardrobe;
  • Easy chair;
  • Single bed and bedside table;
  • A bookshelf (if not built into the desk);
  • Students (Domestic and International) need to supply their own bed linen: including pillows and "doonas", towels, study lamp, computer, coathangers and other personal touches;
  • Students on short term exchange from overseas universities ("Study Abroad") are provided with bed linen, including pillows and "doonas", towels, study lamp,

All rooms are heated, and fast, broadband internet access, which includes free access to the student intranet.  About 70% of rooms have a sink.  Some rooms also have a balcony.