The Arts

There are many opportunities to engage in the arts at Newman College. These opportunities exist both within Newman, at an intercollegiate level, at the University and also throughout Melbourne, a culturally rich and diverse city.

The Michael Scott Art Prize

The Senior Common Room offers the Michael Scott Memorial Prize, which welcomes submissions from all forms of Art on a theme decided each year.

Intercollegiate activities

The Intercollegiate Arts Committee organises several activities each year, including: Battle of the Bands, intercollegiate debating and public speaking, intercollegiate soirée and more ….

Soirées and the Peter L’Estrange SJ Music Prize

Soirées are held a few times each year and provide an opportunity for students to perform in front of the College. Whether you play an instrument, sing, or write poetry, soirées are always a great night and a great chance to showcase your talents. The emphasis is on participation, as always, and although many students are exceptionally gifted at music, others prefer to perform just for the fun of it. The Peter L'Estrange SJ Music Prize is awarded to a student of the College in a special Soiree.

The Peter Steele SJ Prize for Poetry or Prose

This annual award is made to a student of the College for a piece of poetry or prose.  The Prize is organised by a Committee of the Senior Common Room.

Debating and Public Speaking

The College, the University and the Melbourne community provide a host of opportunities for those interested in Debating and Public Speaking.


The student publication, the “Niffirg”, provides students with an opportunity to voice their opinions about various College and non-College-related issues, write reports on various College sports, and whatever else takes anyone's fancy. The yearly magazine, “Vestra”, is a great memento for students to look back on their year at College, consisting of many articles, photos and memorable quotes. Newman “Tracts” publishes a variety of essays and reports written by students in the College, from a multitude of year levels and faculties.

The Choir of Newman College

The Choir is a further opportunity for students to be involved in the musical life of the College. The Choir is of an extremely high standard, and choral scholarships are awarded to students of the College selected as members of the choir.

The College Play

Each year, members of the College gather to perform a play for the enjoyment of the rest of the College and the general public. The play is produced, directed, managed and performed by students of the College, and is always of a high standard. An enjoyable night for all who attend!