Events and Functions

Formal Dining at Newman College

The social life of the College is understandably a constant and busy one. With events and activities being organised by various committees and the General Committee and the Senior Common Room, there is always something happening for those who want to take part. There are also events and functions which are enjoyed by almost the entire College community at regular times during the year.

Ball and special dinners

The Newman College Ball is one of the biggest nights on the Newman social calendar. Organised by the Ball Committee, the entire College, past Collegians, friends and many others enjoy a night not to be forgotten.

Special dinners occur during the year and are opportunities for the community to gather to enjoy a great meal and usually an entertaining guest speaker. The dinners are:

Commencement Dinners– to celebrate the start of a new semester
Forum Dinner – with a guest speaker on a topic of interest
NCSC Dinner – Students' Club dinner
Valete Dinner – to farewell students leaving and graduating
Council Dinners– where parents are invited to join the Council for Dinner in the College.

Community Service Events

The community service committee organises several events each year to raise funds for charities. In recent years, the Community Service Dinner has raised over $10,000 for a worthy cause. Other opportunities to get involved in community service exist throughout the year, with students participating in ongoing activities to help those less fortunate.

The Sunset Seminars

These are designed to provide an opportunity for members of the Senior Common Room and senior research students to talk about their academic work. They take place about once a month after dinner and are open to all.

Irish Studies Seminars

Once a month over the course of the year, this group meets to listen to visiting scholars of Irish Studies. The Seminar is chaired by Professor Gillian Russell, the Gerry Higgins Professor of Irish Studies at the University of Melbourne, who is a member of the Academic Staff of Newman College.

What do Catholics think about…..?

This series of evening discussions provokes much interest and debate.


Ethics seminars

These are held every fortnight with the Rector. A particular question is explored at each session.

The Daniel Mannix Memorial Lecture

Since 1977, the Daniel Mannix committee has organised a lecture on the art of public leadership in Australia. Speakers have included :

1977 Archbishop Daniel Mannix by Mr B.A. Santamaria.
1978 Sir Isaac Isaacs by Sir Zelman Cowen.
1979 Sir Robert Menzies by Sir Paul Hasluck.
1980 Sir John Monash by Sir Bernard Callinan.
1981 David Syme by Mr Ranald McDonald.
1982 Sir Douglas Mawson by Dr Phillip Law.
1983 Chief Justice Higinbotham by Sir Ninian Stephen.
1984 James McAuley by Professor Leonie Kramer.
1985 John Curtin by Professor Manning Clark.
1986 Fred Williams by Mr Patrick McCaughey.
1987 Sir Robert Menzies by the Rt Hon. Malcolm Fraser.
1988 Sir Samuel Griffith by the Rt Hon. Sir Harry Gibbs.
1989 Mother Mary Mackillop by Ms Ita Buttrose.
1990 Sir Henry Bolte by Sir Joh Bjelke Petersen.
1991 Sir Maurice Mawby by Mr John Ralph.
1992 Dr. H.C. "Nugget" Coombs by Mr. Peter Garrett.
1994 The Constitutional Forefathers by Mr Alexander Downer.
1995 H.V. Evatt by Senator Gareth Evans.
1996 The Twining of Histories: The Work of Paddy Djiagween by Mr Patrick Dodson.
1998 Sir Frank Macfarlane Burnet by Sir Gustav Nossal.
1999 Gough Whitlam by Mr Kim Beazley.
2000 Lt. General Leslie J. Morshead by Lt General Peter Cosgrove.
2001 Fr Gerard Tucker by Dr Peter Hollingworth.
2002 Imagining Leadership by the Hon. John Button.
2004 Professor Manning Clark OA by the Rev. Tim Costello.
2006 Michael Long: Sport and Public Leadership by Mr Waleed Aly.
2007 Leading the Wrong Way by Mr Julian Burnside.
2008 Caroline Chisholm and Profiles in Leadership by Sir James Gobbo.
2009 A Failure in Leadership by Prof. the Hon. Alastair Nicholson.
2010 Recollections: Daniel Mannix and Vincent Buckley by The Hon. Justice Susan Crennan.
2011 Leadership in Challenging Times by Ms Christine Nixon.
2012 Gough Whitlam in context: a revisionist exercise by The Hon. Barry Jones.
2013 Federation - The Power and the Promise by The Hon. John Brumby.
2015 Peter Steele - Priest, Poet and Inspiration by Mr Michael McGirr.
2016 Joseph Lyons and the Management of Adversity by Kevin Andrews