The Students' Club

Students' Club

Undergraduate and graduate students are also responsible for the quality of College life. All undergraduates are members of the Students' Club. At the end of each year they elect a General Committee which directs other student committees and manages a number of portfolios, as well as helping to organise inter-collegiate events.

General Committee

The General Committee is a group of nine experienced students (second year and later) who represent the students of the College. They are elected by the members of the Junior Common Room.

With the help of a number of committees, the General Committee organises many College events, services and publications. The Committee also helps to co-ordinate intercollegiate activities. It looks after the budget and spending of the Newman College Students' Club (NCSC).

Every student of Newman College is a member of the NCSC. The Club has four compulsory meetings a year at which information is shared with the entire College student community, and students are able to speak and ask relevant questions.

Committees and their roles

Committees are a powerful way to get involved in College life, interact with other students and make a difference to what happens in the College. Committees work in conjunction with the General Committee on important aspects of the College, such as:

  • Cultural activities (Music, Drama, Art…);
  • Community service events and activities;
  • The publications of the College;
  • The College play;
  • The spiritual life of the College;
  • Important College functions (Newman College Ball, Black Tie Dinners and more);
  • The Dining Room;
  • Public speaking;
  • Selling Newman merchandise;
  • And many more!!

There are approximately 20 different committees in which students can become involved. No matter what a student's interests or skills, there is guaranteed to be a committee through which he or she can contribute to the life of Newman College.